Saturday, April 11, 2015

Government- 이다경 Lee Da kyung

Topic 1: Is modern democracy really "the will of the people"?
Topic 2:  Find one of the symbols of Korea used public.

I listened lecture in April 6~7th. In that lecture, I learned about government. That topic is closely related to our lives, so I listened carefully to that lesson. In that day, we received a few questions, so I want to tell you answers to those questions.

Topic 1: Is modern democracy really "the will of the people?"


I think modern democracy is "the will of the people". Our modern democracy is representative democracy. In the past, there were countries(polis) like Greece. In the Polis, there were less population than now, so they can debate liberally and do politics easily. But now days, population grew and our countries size is bigger than the past. So, many peo
ple can't meet easily than before. Because of this reason, many people recognized necessity of change of form of political organization. So, I think maybe some people talked about to change the form of political organization and many people agree with their opinion, so now we live in representative democracy society.  Because of this reason, now our society changed into representative democracy society and we vote our represent to work for us. So, I think modern democracy is "the will of the people".

Topic 2: Find one of the symbols of  Korea used public.


I think symbol of Korea use public is "Hangeul". "Hangeul" is very important things to our Koreans. We really think Hanguel as proud of our culture. And many countries also acknowledge of our Hangeul's great. Commonly, people called "Hageul" as arcane character. Because among the world characters, only Hangeul knows proclamation day, knows who made Hangeul(King Se-jong) and also knows principle that how made the Hangeul. There are no characters like Hangeul in all over the world! So Hangul has been listed as a UNESCO Memory of the World Programme. So, I think Hangeul is one of the symbols of Korea used public.

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  1. I read well your blog. Your blog is neat. Topic2, you example Topic 2, you were mentioned Hangul as an example. It was very interesting. Hangul is very scientific and practical. So it is used in the current native language. I mentioned 'Pansori' as an example. Pansori is a song that matches the specific nostalgia feelings Korea. Hangul, pansori all played a major role to inform the Korea, and is loved by the Korean people today.