Saturday, April 11, 2015

What is sociology??(6) - Kim ji young(김지영)

Topic1: Is modern democracy really "The will of the people?"
Meaning of democracy is politics for the people.
When people participate in decision-making by voting and policy making processes.
Example that democracy is realized is E-Democracy and participatory democracy.
First, E-democracy is democratic participation of citizens through internet and social network.
E- democracy enable us to easy polls, promotional campaign and Participation in decision-making.
Another example is Participatory democracy.
Typical example of participatory democracy is vote.
Vote is the easiest and most important act of democracy.
People participate vote to convey their opinions When choosing a political party or person
Therefore, democracy can not be realized without the will of the people
Democracy need to the will of the people
Topic2: Would you like to have more say in the political decision making?
Congressman determines the policy. But today, Ignoring the opinion of the people, Pass the favorable policies to upper layers
So, we need transparency of the decision-making process
The public should be involved in the detailed process and Should the indirect effects
Also, we need Participation of citizens
People in modern society are indifferent to politics
people should participate decision-making process and convey their opinion
Thus, policy can be determined for the people


  1. Democracy must has will of people. So that it can be said to be democratic. In the past, Athens adopt direct democracy which is participate all of people to politics. I think that direct democracy is authentic democracy. Because direct democracy is the system that can implement the principle of self-government which can be called the essence of democracy. Realization of direct democracy in the current is not possible because of too many people. But E- democracy seems to be the solution. It can lead to the direct participation of citizens. Actually E- democracy emerged alternative of direct democracy.

  2. That's right. According to the meaning of democracy like your opinion, what is included people's will, really commonplace. However, I want to say is, it's the actual situation. Is not a democracy when viewed only meaning, now, the Republic of Korea situation that is happening in reality, I think actually everyone is watching, to see and have included national will that's really hard.