Thursday, April 16, 2015

What is sociology?(7) - Lim Ji Hyun(임지현)

  In this week, our class studied about 'Socialization and Social Control'. We learned that difference between women's roles and men's roles that are expected by our society. And I thought about that 'Why people cooperate with one other?' and 'Why does the society hold together?'. Also, I could know that Socialization is very important and essential in our life. Our class talked about many topics. I choose two topics that I was most interested. And I will post about the topics.

Topic 1. Can we think of other ways the society tells us how different things are expected from boys and girls?

Image 1 :
  I think our society expects strong power, smart brain, and creativity from boys. Because, boys work in our society and they need to be smart and creative. Also, our society thinks it is reasonable that boys have to protect girls, so boys must have strong power. In contrast, our society expects kindness, soft, and beauty from girls. According to confucian concept, girls have to follow boys(ex. husband, father, grandfather...), so they must be kindness, soft, and also obedient for a long time. And external beauty(ex. figure, skin, face...) is more important to girls than to boys. As a result, we can know that our society expects different things from us between girls and boys.

Topic 2. Color pink is associated with girls, why?

Image 2 :
  I like color pink, and other girls usually like pink, too. So I thinked about the topic 'Why is color pink associated with girls?' First, in our society, we think color pink is associated with girls because pink has warmth image. As mentioned above(in topic 1), our society expects kindness and soft from girls. Color pink is related to these girls' expectations. Second, girls generally have white skin more than boys. Therefore, when girls wear their clothes, they fit bright color clothes(ex. pink...)more than dark color clothes. For these above reasons, I think our society believes that color pink is associated with girls.

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