Saturday, March 28, 2015

What is sociology (4) You tae joon 유태준

What functions religion may have?

Religion has many functions. But there is two different theory about Religion. One focuses on the fact that Religion's function that benefits the society, But the other theory focuses on the fact that Religion gives adverse effect to society.
 The fist theory assert that  the Religion supplements mutual relations , so that it can give society an order. It means that Religion is the installation that balances society.
 The second theory claims that Religion is poisonous. Because in history you can notice that Religion is the first factor that causes War. If it were without religion, The war may not happened.this theory is the adverse theory to first theory. fist theory claimed that Religion gives balances to the world, But this second theory asserts that Religion divides the world by each other's religion.And there is more examples tha testifies this theory. Now the most serious problem is Terrorists. The religion it self is not claiming to hurt others but the people who mistakenly understand their religion harm other people who have religion which prays another god.

Can you think of other example in how religion can be used to control people?

I think religion suppresses the masses. Religion has many creeds. It forces people what to do and not to do. This makes the society apply a uniform standard. As an example i would like to say RAMADAN.
RAMADAN means hot month in arabian language.
This month is the day that the great angel Gabriel taught Koran to mohammed. So all the muslims have to fast, and they have to pray 5times a day. The intersting thing is that there is an misunderstanding about Ramadan. Which is that this month is not only forces people not to eat food.It also forces people not to drink water, smoke, or having sex.
I think this Ramadan ceremony shows most effective control over people.

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